Friday, February 3, 2012

Or is it waldo!

I'm trying out a some different layouts to try and get a bigger picture on the screen so bear with me on these, this one took far too long to re arrange on the comp. I don't know if the joke even makes sense but it makes me giggle so haha.
See the picture below?
its a close up and much less blurry section of the canvas shown below it. If you would like this piece or something like it to hang on your wall or give to a friend or I don't know what you can!
I'm selling it and any commissions of the same style for $36 (+ what ever the postage will be) (nz dollars)
This is just to kind of test the waters, see if anybody actually wants to have shouting bears on their walls

Here is a link to something for people who like fashion or maths
Thank you everybody!


  1. Make a t-shirt like that on RedBubble and I'd buy it! MAKE MANY.

  2. That is not a terrible idea, maybe I will

  3. i want shouting bears on my wall, ,like totally who wouldnt?