Friday, February 17, 2012

Best to have sneezed a little than never to have sneezed at all

Oh gross I had my mouth open
Just a bit of trivia, sneezes can travel for literally hundreds of metres through the air. And whenever you try to cover your sneeze in some weak gesture of defense you run the risk of blowing your whole arm off.
One of those is not true.

In terms of page veiws and comments this week has been awesome (possibly a new record) thank you for the support everyone who reads this!

I will be moving living space on the 29th of feb! it's very exciting, I really hope I can continue doing this comic while I'm studying. If not however I will find some other outlet with which I can present stupid stuff to the world.
Someone said (I can't remember where or who) "Drawing is a gift to be shared with others". It may not have even been those words but it was something to that effect. The point is: That is why I will always do a webcomic, or a comic blog, or an art blog, or something.  Because it's a gift for other people.

Well that got a bit serious, anyways have a good weekend everyone!


  1. i do the weirdest pre-sneezes lol. huge build up then usually only a pitiful sneeze to follow haha :P

    Race xx

  2. yeah rach's sneezies are like the equivalent of a baby farting, small and laughable.

    Mara's xx