Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My head said no but my heart said no

Whats big, pink and filled with love? Marshmallows that's what
Don't you worry about him, he's selfish anyway
So Happy Valentines day everybody, Here's what I got you!
But you have to buy it. 
On the topic things that cost too much but look really cool, here's the link for you to explore if you so desire

Thank you to all you fans, all you readers and everyone whose day has been made better by visiting this webcomic, I wish you the best valentines day you can have


  1. I laughed and laughed and then I showed this comic to all my friends and we laughed some more.
    You're clever.

    1. Great! I'm glad it could bring happiness to your (plural) day!

  2. This is wonderful. Also digging the bear shout tee.

    1. Oh awesome I just put that up. I agree, it is pretty fantastic