Tuesday, January 24, 2012

You should probably see a doctor about that...

So, were-thing jokes are still funny right? Because I am overflowing with the things.
I borrowed a really funny comic from the library recently;
Dc's tales of the multiverse: Batman Vampire. I haven't finished reading it, but basically Batman fights Dracula and in the process is bitten by him. He dies, then comes back as an undead incarnate of what every criminal believes him to be anyway, batwings and all. Because I have flipped ahead I can roughly say that he descends into maddening bloodlust and struggles more and more to keep his justice driven conscience stronger than his undead thirst. Sounds marvelous no?

This is a great site to see cool, quirky things and hear about stuff especially if you are a creative person
Lost at E minor
See ya boiz

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