Monday, January 9, 2012

The Dangers of the Written Word

And that's why they invented web comics
Seriously though, that was 95 words right there. Can't you just feel the pressure building up inside your cranium?
I'm also planning to post this one up on a library wall, 'fore-warned is fore-armed' and all that.
However I do love the library, and whats a few I's for eyes anyway? it all turns out the same.
Ok enough of that.
I hope this hasn't all ready been linked, it is quite funny and worth a look - Nedroid
I should probs (that's short for probably) make a page with all the links on it, that would be good.
Adios mis amigos dedicados


  1. "For warned is for armed" "A few i's for eyes"
    Big fan of your work, Louis!