Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The end is not the end

So I have missed I dont even know how many updates, and within the time that I have been out of service I have discovered exciting and terrible things. ONe that contains both of those is the how much work I will be doing this year. My goodness I will be busier than a bee in a florists. This is partly exciting, I will be doing loads of exciting things, loads of the time. But it means that I will not have the time to do 2 comic strips of Andy and/or Dan each week. However this does not mean that all online output will stop. Thanks to the Photography teacher each class member must keep a sketch book and use it, filling it with what ever we fancy. That includes doodles! And comics! and doodles! So I will ensue with putting diary comics/anything I find funny whether or not it actually happened to me up to veiw as often as possible. Hope fully they will be like Kate beaton's tumblr stuff, but probs not so 'mazin. Oh and I will put them on tumblr, just for fun and because I do not want to use this site so much for things that are not Andy Dan and Amy. I have been waiting so I have some content to put up, or some kind of goodbye drawing but it really has been quite busy. After putting it off far too many days I will leave you all with this post, and a reminder that this is not 'goodbye' but 'see you around'. Thank you so much to everyone who enjoyed them over the last few months, you are the reason they continued to be posted.
I will update when I have a name and a link for the tumblr.
from Louis