Tuesday, November 22, 2011

No cookies, no gifts

Sorry the text is a bit small. Well every man and his department store are putting up christmas decorations this early so I thought I'd get this up before it becomes lost in the blur. I thought I would colour it for a bit of mood. You know, Frank Miller style
Oh and I heard from a friend that I have three readers from Ireland!
Seriously! I hope it's true, that would be the bees knees indeed.
So this is shout out to you Irish people! Hooray.
If I dont have three readers in Ireland this could be very embarrasing

also, when I was a kid I told my friends that Santa Claus was dead. It's a story for another time


  1. I remember when you told your friends Santa was dead. It was very funny. My own children are upholding that proud tradition, I'm pleased to say.

  2. Nice work Louis. Is Santa wearing a monacle? One of his eyes looks particularly large... which is awesome. Matt

  3. good to hear you may have an international fan base Louis. Ken